Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Francis Collins Found God

The atheist-scientist Francis Collins, who led the international Human Genome Project converted to evangelical Christianity.

In his new book 'The Language of God', the classical debate between science and religion is being examined. He challenges both, atheistic scientists to contemplate the plausibility of the existence of God through their vocation, and fellow evangelicals to reconsider their opposition towards evolution. Dr. Collins is a theistic-evolutionist.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Doctrine of Man/Sin - Reformed Evangelical Course 归正福音巡回课程 -人论/罪论 2006

Dear all, there will be an upcoming course on the Doctrine of Man and Sin on the 15th - 19th August. For those interested please register with STEMI Singapore.

人论/罪论:人对自我的认识 2006 归正福音巡回课程


日期 :8月15日至19日(星期二-星期六)
地点 :桥北中心 420 North Bridge Road,#05-05,North Bridge Centre,Singapore 188727
讲员 :李健安博士主讲 (中文授课)
报名费 :新币120元


Monday, July 03, 2006

Expository preaching on difficult passages in the Bible


Have you ever encountered difficult passages in the Bible? Are you looking for answers to difficult questions in faith? STEMI Singapore is starting a new series of expository preaching on difficult passages in the Bible.
Please do encourage friends to attend. Below are the details

Difficult Passages In The Bible
2006 The Reformed Evangelical Expository Preaching Series, Singapore.
Date : Sunday (Re: Attachment)
Time : 7.30pm Location : Newton Life Church, 200 Keng Lee Road, S308410
Speaker : Rev Dr Stephen Tong
Interpreter : Elder Yong Teck Meng (Mandarin with English Translation)