Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Salt & Light Mandate

Christians spend more time in the world than in church and most Christians are laity. Yet so much of our church education is spent preparing believers for their ministry in the church and not their ministry in the world. An upcoming seminar we are doing in partnership with our friends at Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore, seeks to address this concern.

The Salt and Light Mandate — Making a Difference in Society

May 7 and 8

Wesley Methodist Church
Wesley Hall
5 Fort Canning Road
Singapore 179493

7:30 - 10:00 pm

Dr. Tan Soo Inn, Th.M (Regent College, Vancouver), D.Min (Fuller Seminary, USA). He is the author of Making Sense: 52 Meditations for Heart and Mind, Travel Mercies: Reflection from the Road called Life, and Grace@work weekly e-commentaries.

Who Should Attend???
Organised for those who desire to be further equipped in applying the truths of the Kingdom of God. Church Leaders, Ministry Team Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Counsellors, Christians who want to be further equipped, and Seekers of the Lord

To register, please send an email with your name and contact number to: There is a registration fee of S$4 payable on the day of the seminar.

You can also register through the Wesley website.

The Aldersgate Convention 2008

The Aldersgate Convention 2008 will be held from 19 to 24 May 2008 at the Wesley Methodist Church will feature two speakers who will talk on the theme, “The Road to Glory: The Future in Wesleyan Perspective”.

The convention will feature two speakers, the Rev Dr Ezra Kok, Principal and Lecturer in New Testament at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, and the Rev Dr Ben Witherington, III, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, the United States.

The Rev Dr Ben Witherington III and the Rev Dr Ezra Kok will focus on biblical teachings about the end times in English and Mandarin respectively. The details are:

19 May (Mon) 7.45-9.30pm
Christ - Offering Hope in the Midst of Darkness (Chinese)

20 May (Tue) 7.45-9.30pm
The Church - Holiness in the Midst of Imperfections (Chinese)

21 May (Wed) 7.45-9.30pm
Rapture or Parousia (English)

22 May (Thu) 9am-12pm
Eschatology & Ministry (English)*

22 May (Thu) 7.45-9.30pm
Other-World or After-Life? (English)

23 May (Fri) 7.45-9.30pm
The Future of the Church, Israel and the Kingdom (English)

24 May (Sat) 9am-12pm
What have they done with Jesus?(English) **

24 May (Sat) 7.30-9.30pm
Aldersgate Service A Vision of Worship

* The Morning with Ben Witherington (22 May 08) is open to pastors and seminarians only.

** This Morning Session (22 May 08) and the Aldersgate Seminar (24 May 08 morning) both require registration. Click here to download the registration brochure (pdf format).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DA Carson in Singapore again.

Looks like by God's grace His servant will be here in Singapore again. Don't miss this chance.

The Living Word 2008: Bible Expositions for God's People

Prof Donald A. Carson
29 – 31 July 2008
St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore

Morning Seminars

Preaching: Growing in Skill to Unpack the Whole Counsel of God.

(For Christian workers and & lay preachers who want to learn to preach with a biblical world view that is subsumed under the ‘whole of Scriptures’.)

This seminar reviews some of the fundamentals of good expository preaching, but focuses primary attention on the way such preaching ought to tap into the meta-themes that tie the entire Bible together. When preachers accomplish this, they are not only teaching God's people to know God's Word better, they are painting a life-transforming worldview - a way of looking at the world that centers around Christ and his gospel, a worldview that is mandated by Scripture itself. As a test case, we will focus special attention on Ezekiel.

29-31 July 2008
(Tuesday to Thursday)

9.00 am to 12.00 noon

St Andrew’s Cathedral
(Next to City Hall MRT)

About the Speaker

Donald A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. In 1989 Carson was voted Faculty of the Year at Trinity. Carson received the Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from Cambridge University.

Carson's areas of expertise include biblical theology, the historical Jesus, postmodernism, pluralism, Johannine and Pauline theology. He can read about a dozen languages, and is fluent in French. Carson has written or edited over 45 books; The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism (1996) won the 1997 Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion Award in the category "theology and doctrine."

Carson is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. Carson and his wife, Joy, reside in Libertyville, Illinois. They have two children. In his spare time, Carson enjoys reading, hiking, and woodworking.

Public Evening Sessions

Before the End: The Conquering Lamb, the Suffering Church & the Clash of Powers (Studies from the book of Revelation).

(For all who want to hear the powerful & relevant message of the book of Revelation for the people of God today.)

Is the world becoming a better place or is it getting worse? How should the church understand itself as it seeks to be faithful amidst the swirling currents of competing cultures, of nations and empires in conflict? Deploying the evocative imagery of apocalyptic symbolism, John the Prophet helps Christians in every generation to construct a frame of reference that is horrified by evil but never surprised by it, that cherishes the power of the gospel even while learning to live under the cross.

29-31 July 2008
(Tuesday to Thursday)

7.45 – 9.45 pm

St Andrew’s Cathedral
(Next to City Hall MRT)

29 July (Tuesday)
Rage, Rage, Against the Church
(Revelation 12:1-13:1)

In apocalyptic language, John tells us what we learn elsewhere in the New Testament: the Christian's most fundamental enemies are not other people, but the powers of darkness. How then shall we cope and triumph?

30 July (Wednesday)
Antichrist and False Prophet
(Revelation 13:1-18)

Some Christians around the world face brutal opposition and outright persecution; other Christians around the world are in danger of being seduced by false teaching and transient glitter. The dangers are different, yet they are one. How are we to respond?

31 July (Thursday)
(Revelation 14)

There is a perennial danger of thinking that Christian life and thought pertain primarily to this world. But the whole of the New Testament is against this reductionism: there is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be shunned. These opposed trajectories mean that everything in this life has far more significance than we sometimes think.