Thursday, April 26, 2007

Statement of Faith

We believe in...

1. The one true God who lives eternally in three persons—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2. The love, grace and sovereignty of God in creating, sustaining, ruling, redeeming and judging the world.

3. The divine inspiration and supreme authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, which are the written Word of God—infallible and fully trustworthy for faith and conduct.

4. The dignity of all people, made male and female in God's image to love, be holy and care for creation, yet corrupted by sin, which incurs divine wrath and judgement.

5. The incarnation of God's eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ—born of the virgin Mary; truly divine and truly human, yet without sin.

6. The atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross: dying in our place, paying the price of sin and defeating evil, so reconciling us with God.

7. The bodily resurrection of Christ, the first fruits of our resurrection; his ascension to the Father, and his reign and mediation as the only Saviour of the world.

8. The justification of sinners solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ.

9. The ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ through new birth, empowers our discipleship and enables our witness.

10. The Church, the body of Christ both local and universal, the priesthood of all believers—given life by the Spirit and endowed with the Spirit's gifts to worship God and proclaim the gospel, promoting justice and love.

11. The personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfil the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgement, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost, and establish a new heaven and new earth.

Agora Singapore's Statement of Faith is the expressed core beliefs of the group. This Statement serves the purpose of directing the group along its vision and function as ambassador, witnessing to both the people of God and pre-believers. This revised Statement of Faith is adopted from the Evangelical Alliance.


Sadikim said...

according to Soren Kierkegaard:

The Crowd is Untruth

The Hedonese said...

And why should we follow kierkegaard's herd? ;)

Sadikim said...

The truth is found only in the onest. So you (as crowd) won't find the truth. (couldn't follow Kierkegaard)

But everyone in the crowd as onest could.
Me as onest could. But not you (as crowd), however you as onest could.

btw. Is somebody in Agora SG going to answer my question in RZIM posting ?
Or the crowd still try to figure out the truth ;-)

The Hedonese said...

Whoa! That's a highly exclusive statement there... hehehe

Are you saying that you as 'onest' can find THE truth by following kierkegaard while everyone else in the crowd couldn't find the truth?

That sounds more like a fundamentalist than an existentialist, my friend!

gummie said...

I have tried to read through Kierkegaard's essay and I must confess that I have always find it difficult to read.

I am not sure where you got the phrase "truth is found only in the onest".

If I am not mistaken, Kierkegaard is talking about the "crowd" as an abstraction which is deceiving. The "crowd" can serve to be a hyper-reality which deceives the individuals within that they are no longer accountable or responsible for their actions. That kind of "crowd" is a deception and an abstraction, because it is the kind of "crowd" which obscures the individuality of each person.

As such, I fail to see the relevance of your comments, sadikim (or Nobuseri). It is of course possible to be deceived by the "evangelical crowd". It is also equally possible to be deceived by the "kierkegaardian" crowd.

But it doesn't mean that there isn't a collection of evangelical individuals who share the statement of faith and believe in it as individuals, as onest (as you put it).

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