Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Upcoming Presentation: Christians Response: Relationship between Postmodernism and Technology

An overview of the relationship between postmodern influence and modern technology. How are they connected? Where are we heading?

Venue: Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Date: 3rd January 2006

Admission: Free
Topic: Christians Response: Relationship between Postmodernism and Technology
Presenter: Benjamin Ho

Please do not hesistate to join us.


Edwin Tay said...

Wish I could be there! but I can't. Have a great time!

(alias Owen)

The Hedonese said...

How abt an Agora UK, Edwin? :)

Zhenhao said...

Some after thoughts about this topic about technology. Remembered this book by Marva J. Dawn. There was this interesting remark that she made. Technology has liberated us from manual work but at the same time it has also given way to disengagement.

"For example, when the devices of a factory and a microwave produce instantly available 'freshly baked' cookies , we lose not only the opportunity to engage in baking cookies together with our children but also the surrounding social fabric that makes possible the development of intimacy. "

so next time before using any technology , lets think whether we are enjoying the liberation at the expense of disengagment ..

The Hedonese said...

yup, with the overdose of information like I have, I watch TV news while eatng dinner and sometimes I nid to catch myself how could I enjoy my meal while right in front of my are pictures of the suffering world out there... another suicide bomber in mid-east, natural disaster here, fatal accident there...

It just numbs us to the gravity of these events

jacksons said...

Or how about the fact that technology raises the threshold of expectation, and thus, puts more burdens on us. Let me explain. We produce technology to cut down the hours and get things done in half the time – so what do we use the freed up time for? To do more work! So, then we end up being busier than before we got the technology. Once upon a time, it took time to travel, and the world was in n o hurry to go anywhere, now because we can travel fast, we have to rush everywhere. There are more examples to this. Also, ever notice how the maintenance of our technology is also so time consuming? A typical person would have to daily recharge their cellphone, notebook, pda, digital camera and ipod – on top of the other things they have to do!

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