Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Resurrection In Each Morning

We dont usually remind ourselves of who we are when we wake up every morning. We dont really need to remind ourselves of our name, address, mobile number. We dont do that unless we are suffering from some kind of memory-loss disease. Those who have watched Momento will be reminded of the memory-lost protagonist who had his body tatooed so that he will know what he should do in each day.

Do Christians need tatoos to remind ourselves of our identity?

We might had weird and un-Christian dreams over the night or there are armies of sub-human desires and visions charging towards us when we gain our consciouness each morning. Do we jump off the bed, kneel down and ask for forgiveness and strength? Usually we dont. We just dont take those early desires and visions seriously because we know those are of our carnal, fleshy, fallen nature. But on the dark side, we tend to keep-safe these demons. Can't we have a break? Why such dreadful angelic war in morning?

Anyway, it is our own choice whether to struggle or to give in. The ideal is that the moment we ignore them, push them away, we are just about to start our day. And we have to keep doing this for most morning in this short period of living. Is that it? No, not that simple. Each action that we take bear more and deeper meaning than we usually know. By prayers and struggles, we are reminded of who we are, not by our name but by our personhood. When we wake up, we exercise our personhood to identified ourselves with the death and resurrection of Jesus. When we slept, we died, when we wake up, we resurrect.

In this way, each morning is a resurrection morning. We woke up with our resurrected identity. We dont need tatoos! All we need to do is to push the tomb stone away. Yes, push the carnal dreams, desires, and visions away.

Each morning, we know not only our name, address and mobile number, but also our personhood. With that, we walk out of our bed as Jesus walk out from the tomb, continuing the work the resurrection had inaugurated.

So, good morning.

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