Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Project Timothy 26-27 Oct Evening Expositions : Nehemiah - The Triumph and Failure of Reformation by DA Carson

Time to mark your calendars everyone :)

For more details, click here
To download the flyer and registration form, click here. (early birds who register before 1st Oct gets a discount)


The Hedonese said...

One of the drivers of Project Timothy is Ron Choong, a friend and contributor at

He will be back in KL sometime in August to talk about science/faith

great stuffs by Carson! Check out his views on inerrancy :)

shadow said...

Think this might be a different Project Timothy?

This is the website of the Project Timothy organising the Carson talk.

This is the website of Ron Choong's Project Timothy.

The Hedonese said...

Whoa - didn't realize there are so many project timothys around! Thanks for the headsup...

Ron Choong said...

hahahaha, yes, the one in New York by that Malaysia fella, THAT's the real one.

By the Malaysian fella in New York

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